I grew up traveling around Brazil with my dad and we used to visit many places with some remarkable frequency. My dad has always carried a camera to register local sights, people and he has always taught me to be curious, to ask and to be adventurous.

My curiosity for art/photography moved a step further when during my studies at University, I was confronted with Graphic Design and Image manipulation subjects. Although I wasn’t interested on how the algorithms worked, my fascination for colors, textures, moment and the soul has always intrigued me, specially when trying to bring those concepts to print/computer.

As soon as I graduated in Computer Science, I left Brazil (2004) to live in Italy. I spent one year traveling and photographing some of the most visited places until I relocated to England.

After settling in the UK, I traveled around the world carrying my camera. It wasn’t until 2009 that I realized that I had something to develop: my photography vision.

I have spent a great deal of time studying other artists and improving my photograph skills.

I’ve since made “Student of the Month” on Amateur Photography Magazine and I had some pictures in local news papers and I received comments from international photographers on my Flickr website and Google+.

I am passionate about photography and spent a great degree of time in Greenwich Park practicing and making new photos. If I am not there, I am visiting a small village or near the sea. I tend to work in Black and White but occasionally I post some color pictures.